2019 HOBY TXCA Leadership Seminar: Day 2 Update

We had an OUTSTANDING day.

We started bright and early with our Societal Leadership Debate.  13 groups debated on a variety of topics in front of a panel of three judges, all of whom are practicing attorneys.  As the Director of Programs, this is one of my favorite activities – I’m consistently amazed by the intelligence, quick-wittedness, and perspicacity of our ambassadors.

Following the debate, we transitioned to our Group Leadership Panel.  The ambassadors had a chance to engage with and talk to five amazing professionals whose work is service-oriented.  They discussed how to overcome adversity, how to stay positive in the face of challenges, and how to effectively work with other people.  Our panelists even hung around for lunch to give the ambassadors additional time to ask questions!

A major part of HOBY’s curriculum is servant leadership.  Caitlin Crommett, one of our panelists and the founder of a nonprofit called DreamCatchers, led us in a seminar-wide service project.  She told us her story and taught us to make dreamcatchers and cards that will be given to the hospice patients that DreamCatchers works with.

We finished the evening with an upbeat team leadership activity – improv skits! – and reflections in front of the UT Tower.  There was a lot of laughter and a lot of heartfelt feelings. We’re headed to bed tired but happy.

Tomorrow, we’ll wrap up with a few final sessions to tie the whole weekend together before rejoining our families at the Parents’ Program.  We hope to see you there! As a reminder, the Parents’ Program will be held in the University Teaching Center (UTC) Building (105 W 21st Street, Austin TX 78712), and parents will leave with their ambassadors straight from that location.  For more details and logistics about the Parents’ Program and pickup, see the “2019 Parent Info Sheet,” attached below.

Mitch Harris, our Leadership Seminar Chair, explaining the basics of improv to ambassadors.

HOBY TXCA 2019 Leadership Seminar: Day 1 Update

Today has been packed with activities!

Our day started off with loads of cheers and icebreakers for the ambassadors. The ambassadors were divided into their small animal groups and created their group chants.  

Our students heard two guest keynote speakers today: Chris “Shoof” Scheufele and Clint Tuttle.

Shoof spoke to the personal leadership component of our curriculum and shared his personal experiences with bullying. He discussed how to handle situations involving bullying. He helped the ambassadors learn how to build confidence to let them be defined by themselves and not others.

On a societal leadership level, Clint Tuttle enlightened the group on the utility of failure. While failing is not easy to accept, learning from those experiences is valuable and essential to succeed.

Several staff members shared their experiences volunteering in their communities to show examples of how to serve in theirs for causes they are passionate about. Ambassadors brainstormed ways they could make change in their hometowns.

Ambassadors have been breaking out of their comfort zones and growing as leaders. The day was ended with a social event with music, dancing, and games. It was a fun event to finish off a productive day.

A huge thank you to Jason’s Deli, Tiff’s Treats, and Cabo Bob’s for the food they provided to the seminar!

HOBY Ambassadors listening intently to Chris “Shoof” Scheufele’s keynote speech.

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